Did you know that at Truett McConnell University, you can take courses and earn college credit before graduating high school?

Taking courses through TMU is an excellent way for you to get a head start with college, 结交新朋友, 与教师互动, all while earning high school and college credit! TMU offers courses in business, 英语, history (including World History and American History), 数学与科学, world languages (such as Latin and Spanish), 和更多的. Please review the list of available course offerings, below.

Eleventh and twelfth grade students (as well as sophomores with qualifying SAT or ACT Scores) in Georgia high schools are eligible to participate and receive funding through the state system. TMU requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to be accepted as a 双录取 student. TMU also provides dual enrollment textbooks for students.

If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above and are interested in applying, please complete the steps listed below:

STEP 1: Complete the TMU 双录取 Application

连接 with your high school counselor/advising official and discuss your intention to dual enroll at TMU. To begin the admissions process, click this link to complete the application online:

双录取 Application (positiv-fitness.net)
Application Deadlines:   Fall Semester – July 1st; Spring Semester – November 1st
(If interested in applying after these dates, please contact dualenrollment@positiv-fitness.net 申请前)

STEP 2: Submit your transcript

Provide an official transcript from your high school as well as from 任何 previous or current college(s) (if applicable) to the 双录取 office (dualenrollment@positiv-fitness.net).


Truett McConnell University

Upon acceptance into TMU as a 双录取 student, a welcome email will be sent from our office guiding you through the following steps for course registration (steps 3 & 4 below) as well as providing instructions for setting up your TMU email and accessing your online classroom.

STEP 3: Complete the GA futures funding application

(***or for students requesting to self-pay for classes, please contact the 双录取 Office at dualenrollment@positiv-fitness.net)

The next step is to complete the GA futures funding application.

首页school students please note: Your homeschool official must FIRST establish a GA futures account as an “education professional” BEFORE you begin the DE online application. Your high school name will need to be established in the GA futures system in order for you to complete the application. Instructions for registering your high school are provided here: Creating a 首页 Study Program Account.

Planning to take DE courses on campus? Please email the 双录取 office at dualenrollment@positiv-fitness.net to request registration for DE courses offered on the TMU campus.

STEP 4: Counselor submits your class request

Your high school counselor/official submits your class requests through the GA futures dashboard.

Please contact our 双录取 Office (dualenrollment@positiv-fitness.net), to set up an advisement meeting regarding 任何 dual enrollment classes you want to take on the TMU campus. All other online class requests can be submitted through the dashboard system by your high school counselor/official. A course listing/approval sheet will be provided by TMU to assist in this process.

首页school students, please note: Instructions to assist homeschool officials in submitting course requests through the GA futures dashboard system are provided in the link below:

To learn more, please review these frequently asked questions 或透过电邮联络我们 dualenrollment@positiv-fitness.net 或706-865-2134,分机. 2101.

If a course is not covered by state funding for 任何 reason, then the student will be invoiced at the institutional rate as advertised on TMU’s website.  This does not include courses eligible for state funding through the state funding system but does include 任何 course taken which is not eligible for state funding.  Again, this does not apply to students who have received state funding through the GA futures system.

*Any interested students who meet the state-funding eligibility requirements (such as sophomores without qualifying SAT/ACT scores, 州外学生, and students who have exceeded their state funding dual enrollment credit allotment) should contact us directly to inquire about the application process at dualenrollment@positiv-fitness.net as additional joint enrollment/self-pay options are available.