Through the years we have seen many changes at Truett McConnell University yet the heart of the university remains committed to those eternal principles that have always made it a special place.

We Invite You to Join Us!

There are several ways you can be a part of the great things God is doing at TMU!

  1. Remember. Pray for your university (students, faculty, administration, staff and fellow alums) and consider making a gift.
  2. Return. Visit your university to refresh and to enlarge your Truett McConnell University network.
  3. Recruit. In your network of friends and family, encourage students to consider Truett McConnell University as their university of choice.
  4. Represent. As an alum, you may be the only way others learn about TMU and the work God is doing on campus.

Together, we can be part of connecting and assisting one another as well as our university to continue to be all that God intends us to become.

The next time you are in the North Georgia Mountains, stop by the alumni office, located in the Miller Building. We would like to take you around campus and show you what God is doing at your alma mater.

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